Giving back to the community is very important to Jan and she has donated many works of art over the years. The Rotary Club, St Joseph’s Hospital, The Comox Valley Hospice Society, The Views, and Comox Valley Airport, to name a few of the grateful recipients.

Jan Lindstrom has chosen to work in the small-town atmosphere of the beautiful Comox Valley, but she is an artist of international renown. Her singular stained glass creations have sold to England, France, Japan, Belgium, Egypt, and Australia as well as across Canada and the United States. Her pieces have won awards both in B.C. and in Montreal, Quebec.

In 1980, when living in Montreal, Jan began working with stained glass quite by accident. She wanted to take a general interest course in mechanics, but it was full. The stained glass course wasn’t, so she signed up. The magic of the medium captivated her and has enthralled her since. She was soon creating her own designs, developing a gallery of works of art, doing custom work, and teaching, as well as running a retail store for supplies.

In 1985, Jan moved “home” to the Comox Valley and opened a new studio, Glass Expressions.  She continued to work, create, teach and grow, both as a business and as an artist. The business expanded into a much larger store in 1998, importing tools, equipment, and supplies direct from Taiwan and around the USA. Her custom work for local builders, architects, and residential patrons grew as well as her enrolments in her workshops and classes. The “business” part of the store was taking over and Jan’s love of creating with glass was becoming secondary. She sold Glass Expressions in 2004, opening Lindstrom Studios Ltd (or Jan’s Glass by the Sea) so she could get back to doing what she loved. Jan now teaches smaller classes, takes on only special custom work and takes more time to create her works of art. Her passion for glass is inspiring.


Jan is continually working on new ideas and challenging designs. Many hours are spent in research for some of her pieces, as her attention to detail is notorious. Using various colors, textures and thickness of glass, with copper foil, or lead came or cement, she creates her art with her endless stream of unique ideas. Sandblasting, mosaic work, glue chipping, acid etching and Dalle de Verre are all used to compliment or used on their own to also create wondrous works and in doing so, Jan is able to creatively surpass the limitations of this disciplined art form. She captures the ethereal qualities of ambient and reflective light in subtle and not so subtle ways to bring everything to life.

 Among her pieces in her gallery, this prolific artist shows unique and wonderful works, including a Native wall mask, a 3d Dragon window, a “pool” table lamp with a continuous coastal scene, a long oval door panel with agates, bevelled glass boxes, many lamps and lighting, small windows, and much more. Even a magic wand.

Her sandblasted art is a joy, with tactile qualities as well. The newest Glass on Glass Mosaics is exceedingly fun, exciting to see and to create.

Jan believes that along with the visual joy, art glass can be used to solve numerous interior and exterior design problems, capturing light to reveal the beauty and to provide privacy. You can find her stunning, graceful and elegant works of art in exclusive homes, and in churches throughout the Valley, while her windows at the Comox Valley Airport have and are, captivating passengers and visitors alike.


Jan has been teaching glass work since 1980, starting  in Montreal and continuing when she moved back to the  Comox Valley. Having taught well over 4500 students, she is sort-of semi-retired and now holds smaller classes.  Her love of glass spills over into her teaching and she gets so excited! She wrote a how-to-book 30 years ago and still has yet to publish—it’s in longhand.

Please contact Jan for a free estimate on custom work, or to get information on classes.