The story behind these Monarch butterflies I created for a wonderful client is so delightful I had to pass it on! This couple had fathers that thought highly of one another even though they lived in different cities and didn’t get to visit as often as they’d like. They loved gardening and nature and were wonderful Dads. Unfortunately, one passed away and the other passed several years later. On the day of the second father’s passing, the daughter of the first deceased father visited his grave and asked him to welcome and guide her father in-law’s spirit.

Just a few days later, the couple were in their garden when two monarch butterflies appeared, flying around them, with wings almost touching. The monarchs appeared several times that week. They had never seen monarchs in their garden before this or after. Their fathers came for a visit to reassure them all was good! The two butterflies have a slightly different design to depict their respective fathers. A joy to create, a joy to see the reaction too! Tears and hugs all around.