The diorama of stained glass windows you see surrounding the doors tell a story of some of the history of airplanes flown & stationed here in the Comox Valley, as well as the progress of the area. The left side windows are what I call the “country side”, portraying the earlier years of the Comox Valley with farmland and coastal imagery. I mirrored the background design to create the windows on the right, to portray more modern times with Comox Road and buildings, but still retaining the farms. This I call the “city side”! These windows are a gateway to the wonderful combination of natural beauty and rich culture in the Valley. The colourful rays, farmlands, and borders were selected to cheer the weary traveler.

Comox Flying Club

The first window on the left above the doors portrays a Piper cub and was flown by Capt. Tom Haughn, Who was one of the founders of the Comox Flying Club in the early 1950’s. The club was situated at the old airport location before there was a commercial airport! The Piper was used extensively in Second World War to train pilots. Capt. Haughn’s call letters have been sandblasted on the plane. The aerial view of the runway is close to what it looked like in the ’50’s. This window was donated by Audrey Haughn in honor of her husband.