Red Dragon


Jayell joyously awaits the arrival of her new-born, Pajo

The picture of the dragon puzzle by Sally Smith was the start of this stained glass extraordinaire!  From a one dimensional drawing, I had the idea of doing the head coming out of the picture. I then added eyelashes! So “he” became “she”! From there, it grew to the egg and baby becoming 3-d as well, then the chest, then the foot, then the  — I think you get the picture!! I didn’t quite have the glass I was looking for, so I laminated different textures with reds, oranges and ambers to create my own. All the components were made first, then I had to figure out how to put it all together. With all the multiple layers and angles it took quite a while and extensive reinforcing was required to make it strong and lasting. Six and a half months in the making, with approximately 600 hours of work, there is sandblasting, dalle de verre, glue chipping, decorative solder, as well as the stained glass work. Because it was created and invented as I worked, it is a unique, one-of-a-kind for sure. Couldn’t be duplicated even if I tried. I have the fierce protective fire-breathing Father – Dasachri– in my mind!

Jayell and Pajo glow with life !

Price: $89,000.00


Height: 32″
Width: 40″
Depth: 2″
Weight:  75 lbs approx.

I always wanted to write a children’s book about this dragon! To me she feels alive. Her name, “Jayell”, is my initials phonetically written, her baby is my Mom and Dad’s names combined – Pauline and John, “Pajo” and the “one day created father” is named for my husband and children, David, Sam & Chris – “Dasachri”. Who knows? One day you will find this book and hear all about them!!


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