Two Face Mask

This piece has been in my mind for about 4 or 5 years! One of many big challenges! This wall art was created piece by piece with no pattern to speak of, and the measurements just flowed without adjustment – amazing. A dream was a tremendous help! The two faces represent happiness/wonder on one side and a touch of sadness on the other, or happiness too – a tear of joy!

The mask is made of laminated glass with multiple layers in the face and rays, with fused glass pieces and decorative solder work. The 3-D “nose” was made first! Extensive reinforcing, electrical components and hanging requirements took a while to figure out. (I always have to figure out the practical too – Darn it) Spectacular display a night!!!

Price: $25,000.00


Height: 27″
Width: 27″
Depth: 11.5″
Weight: 45 lbs approx.

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