Advanced Course

Class Cost: $1000.00 + tax
8 Weeks: Wednesday – 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Prerequisites: Intermediate foil, lead or mosaic & all relevant workshops
Tools & supplies needed:

  • Depends on what you are creating!
  • Paper to fit size of window desired, drafting tools
  • Tracing paper & mold for a lamp?
  • Mosaic mold or direct method substrate?

This ultimate course is not for everyone, but with a limit of 4 glass artists, a multitude of ideas & more “picking of my artsy brain”, you certainly will get the most out of this course! Challenging yourself to go farther and push the limits of glass is extremely rewarding! In this course you will take “attention to detail” to a completely new level. We will be tough on techniques too, so beware!

You will totally design an original window, mosaic wall or mosaic window, panel or mold lamp, or whatever you want! Each one of us will get involved in each other’s project and toss ideas around. It is amazing what can be achieved. You will also, if desired, learn to split a bevel cluster up and create a design very different then what was originally planned. I will be right there to help draw to get what you want no matter what you choose. Refresher stuff automatically included, as well as the use of specialty tools & supplies. Using &/or discussing reinforcing concepts are important components of this course, as well as the artistic side.

Here are some ideas to kick about & important things to consider before starting:

  • Random use of lead came for artistic effect?
  • Incorporating lead with foil?
  • Using new cementing techniques called NDG
  • The foiling technique used for NDG?
  • Laminating two layers of glass? For stained glass/mosaics/tiling?
  • Incorporating ring saw cuts?
  • Drilling holes & inserting jewels?
  • Creating a grove on thick glass to hold wire for reinforcing?
  • Drilling a hole and using ring saw to cut a shape inside a piece of glass?
  • Adding 3D layering or 3D detail?
  • Adding wirework for detail?
  • Adding jewels, beads, nuggets, decorative solder, or filigree?
  • Overlays of glass or sheet foil?
  • Adding a casted solder design? Make your own casted solder design?
  • Create strong freeform glass frames w/ hooks for Glass on Glass?
  • Create mosaics on your bench to put onto wall or into floor with mesh?
  • Making your own mold for mosaics? (You can use one of mine for the course, just let me know)
  • Play with epoxy and stone?
  • Cutting out a design in wood or cement board to use in direct mosaic?
  • Making a template to check correct window shape and size?
  • Double-checking the diameter of lamp, size & shape with mock up?
  • Using a hard came bender?
  • Doing your own gluechipping?
  • Playing with Dalle de Verre?

Okay, if I keep going, I will have written a book!  Remember that journey? Well this will be a marvelous expedition!