Newsletter – Fall 2020


Hope this finds all of you healthy, happy, and ready for the next season of glass work!

To my new subscribers and future students – Welcome! To all of you, I sooo look forward to seeing you again! Pepper too!

Covid stuff

Our world is still weird, so I am hoping that the workshops will work out. I have marked the work area into sections and have arrows for paths to grinder etc. Please wear a mask or shield, and use the provided  Hand Sanitizer before entering the Studio. I have a shield for getting close to you. The shield is easier to wear, and apparently available at the dollar store? I purchased mine at Costco. Thank you!

Here is the schedule for upcoming workshops and courses. I hope that these dates work for you for the ones you are interested in. I will keep the day and evening classes for the 6 week course, but if not enough students to fill both, then it will be afternoon class only. As with all the classes, I will give it my best shot, so you are not disappointed. Drop in classes are available for the evening course @ $60 per 2.5 hours if you only need a little help. Depends if there is room  available! Workshop you wanted not on the schedule? Please advise and I will see if there are more students interested or consider private instruction.

Private Workshop/Class

Private classes are available for help in designing, colour/glass selection, soldering and other techniques. This can be cost effective and very productive as I am totally focused on you and your project. I keep you on track, as my fee is $90 per hour.


 I am teaching both the Glass cutting and Master pattern on the same day!


Foiling Workshop??

 “ I know how to foil – what do I need that for?? You will learn a lot and tips and tricks too!

Soldering totally depends on your foiling skills! Foiling on a Saturday & soldering on a Sunday.


Just a Reminder – No room to work at home? Want some company? You can come and work in the studio if you would like, Wed. to Sat. from noon to 6:00, no need to call first, you just might have to wait a sec until I clean a spot for you! I work until at least 9:00 pm on those days, so evenings can work too if this better for you. Just let me know. $5/hr includes grinder time. FREE for current students.  No instruction or teaching – not fair to the other students! Tools available as well if needed. Please call for more info.

Why do I love glass work? I believe creativity nourishes the soul, especially glass as it changes all day long creating a new “picture”. The textures and colors bring your home and gardens to life! Not only does it inspire, working in glass uses both sides of the brain, making it absolutely wonderful. Art in any form allows you to go to another place, recharge your batteries and escape the everyday.

Chitchat The mosaic workshop was a total success and the students were wonderful! (of course!) Their mosaic art was wonderful too and they did a great job. Thank you for the clean up help!! I put up more mosaics in the house – felt good to get it done and it looks” finished.” Have been gardening like crazy, but still did not get all the beds done – way too many!! Now it is fall clean up coming! Weeds are incredibly happy; some are 4 feet tall – oh my god.

Just a laugh for you, before I go!

Is Google a male or a female? Female, it does not let you finish a sentence before making suggestions!

Thank you so much for your time, support, and interest for this newsletter!! Still not totally into this emailing stuff – I miss the chats on the phone, so feel free to call or drop in.

Looking forward to hearing from you, stay safe, Cheers, Jan


If you do not want to get this newsletter anymore, just email   and I will take you off my list. Will miss you though! Thank you.

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