Mosaic Workshops

Beginner Mosaic Workshops

Under our Beginner Mosaic Workshops  umbrella, we offer three different classes, each specializing in a specific technique. No artistic ability required!

A random mosaic style glass art is encouraged, as opposed to making a “stained glass window” in cement. It is way more fun and a lot more forgiving. Both will be covered, (freeform and controlled), and it will be your choice. The glass cutting workshop would be a must if controlled selected, or a combination is wanted. For example: Do you want a perfect bird or flower? Otherwise mosaic glass cutters will be used, but they do not make perfect shapes or straight lines. Random shapes & designs can be beautiful too. The “ish” means earlier or later, depending on playtime! Take a course and go home and create with your family! All methods are great for kids, a wee bit messy, but worth it for sure, as it will be very entertaining.

Prerequisites: Cutting & Pattern Workshops (only if specific shapes wanted.)
Tools & supplies needed: Apron or old clothes & gloves, everything else supplied

Beginner: Mosaic Mold Method Workshop

Class Cost: $204.75 tax included
Day 1: Saturday: 12:00 to 5:00-ish
Day 2: Mon: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Supplies & tool use are included

​What fun! You will create your own 8” x 8” x 1 ½” mosaic stepping stone with your own artistic flair. You learn how to select glass with the idea in mind that light reflects off the glass and not through. We will discuss different sizes, different applications, topping mix, “dry mix”, fiber reforce, rebar, proper installation, curing times, sealing, additives, colorants, winter storage if needed, and the care & maintenance of mosaic stones. Lots of info. Saturday will be spent cutting glass, mounting into mold and pouring cement. When you return on Monday evening, we will release from the mold, fill and clean. You can be on your way to making benches, garden accents, table tops, borders, welcome signs and glass accent tiles for kitchen or bathroom!

Beginner: Mosaic Glass on Glass Workshop 

Class Cost: $246.75 tax included
Day 1: Saturday, 12:00 pm to 5:00-ish pm
Day 2: Sunday, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Supplies & tool use are included

​In this course, the student will create mosaics directly on to glass using a fairly new product to create a window. Quick gratification and way fun! Easier than stained glass. Mosaic on to glass allows the light to transmit through, so you gain more enjoyment with the play of light. Advice will be given on glass selection to achieve the best result. Unfortunately the supplies cost more on this one, as I make framed glass complete with hooks so you can hang it up when finished. Great art work addition inside or out. This new “stuff” works on other substrates as well, so we will discuss that too, as well as its limits. How about a great freeform design to hang on your walls? In a tree? Or on a fence? Could be just the thing to brighten up a drab or dark area or an old patio table!

Beginner: Mosaic Direct Method Workshop 

Class Cost: $204.75 tax included
Day 1: Saturday, 12:00 pm to 4:00-ish pm
Day 2: Sunday, 12:00 pm to 2:00-ish pm
Supplies & tool use are included

In this workshop you will create mosaic on to a brick to create a fancy doorstop or to hold open a gate outside (that’s where mine is!) This is a more traditional method and will be used instead of the “new” one. This is more usable everywhere, as it works on different shapes. Different adherents will be discussed as well as using mixed mediums.(We need the two hours in between to let the glue dry)When you start thinking and looking around your home and garden, the ideas just keep coming. Old plant pots, old trays, bottles, bird baths, the list goes on and the fun and satisfaction do too!

Intermediate Mosaic Workshops

Intermediate Mosaic 6-Week Course

Class Cost: $315.00 tax included
Weekly for 6 Weeks: Day to be determined, 7:00 pm to 9:30-ish pm 

Prerequisites: Mosaic Direct, Glass on Glass or Mold Method Workshop.
Tools & supplies needed: Tools & supplies for method chosen, drafting supplies.
Optional: We can supply glass, tools, resist, adhesive or forms for students who do not have them. Cost will vary according to size and design and can be discussed in advance.

Notes: Students to supply their own:

  • ¾” thick board sized to fit project for the mold method for support, topping mix, cement, colorant and rags.

  • Substrate, adhesive for direct method, sanded grout & rag.

This course is another chance to get the creative juices flowing! This is a great opportunity for the student who doesn’t have the room, the tools or glass to make a larger mosaic piece, or for the student who just wants more advice, instruction or companionship. I will show how to make a simple straight glass frame with hard came for those who would like to learn (soldering experience needed!!). Or I have many forms that can be used for the course including but not limited to, garden bench, butterflies, large squares, circles, Pac man, address stone, & even wall tile molds. Make ten or twelve 4” x 4” tiles to mix in with ceramic tiles for a wonderful accent in the kitchen or the bathroom! Please arrange with me to come & choose prior to the workshop. With the direct method, students can bring an old tray, table top, bottles, wooden or cement blank, flower pot, or? We will spend part of the first night prepping any or all substrates.

You may have time to complete a couple of projects especially if you get ideas from someone else’s project!

This is another art form that has been around for centuries! Isn’t it just so wonderful to be a part of this connection of art between the past, the present and the future?