Newsletter Spring 2023

Hello everyone!

Hoping all of you had a delightful holiday (and food!) and of course, Wishing you a Fantastic, Healthy and Prosperous New Year too!

Wow – 2023!

I remember when I was twenty and I said, “Can you imagine the year 2000?” (Thinking I just made myself seem older) Lol!

To my new subscribers and future students – Welcome!

To all of you, I sooo look forward to seeing you again! Pepper and Ezzy too!


Here is the schedulePlease click! -for the upcoming workshops and courses – a wee bit late – sorry!  I hope these dates work for you for the courses you are interested in. Cinnamon coffee, music and laughter are always included!


The fall classes were wonderful, and the students were delightful! Their work was exceptional and the attention to detail – superb. Their enthusiasm made me want to hug them. They enjoyed the classes, and I enjoyed them! Nothing like great students (and people) to keep me teaching.

Private Workshop/Class

Private classes are available for help in designing, colour & glass selection, soldering and other techniques. This can be cost effective and very productive as I am totally focused on you and your project. I keep you on track, as my fee is $90 per hour. Always seem to lower the final price. Lol

Studio Working Space

No room to work at home? Want some company? You can come and work in the studio if you would like, Wed. to Sat. from noon to 6:00, no need to call first, you just might have to wait a sec until I clean a spot for you! I work until at least 9:00 pm on those days, so evenings can work too if this is better for you. Just let me know. $5/hr includes grinder time. FREE for current students.  No instruction or teaching – not fair to the other students! Tools available as well if needed. Please call for more info.

Just a laugh for you before I go!

From the Reader’s Digest:

Show and Tell

“Nothing looks good on me anymore,” wailed a customer modeling an outfit in front of the department store mirror. “Nonsense “, soothed the salesclerk. “That dress says it all.” “That’s the problem,” the woman replied. “I need a dress that keeps its mouth shut”

Just Deserts

At a party, a young wife admonished her husband, “That’s the fourth time you’ve gone back for ice cream and cake. Doesn’t that embarrass you?” “Why should it?” answered her spouse. “I keep telling them it’s for you!” 

Hope these made you laugh!

Thank you so much for your time, support, and interest with this newsletter!! Still not totally into this emailing stuff – I miss the chats on the phone, so feel free to call or drop in!

Looking forward to having you here, stay safe, Cheers, Jan

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