Cascade Metals gives bad advice

What a day going back in forth with Cascade Metals in Vancouver, a fellow teacher and student, and Alchemy Castings in Ontario. The issue in question was Cascade Metals was telling people not to stretch thier lead prior to using in stained glass fabrication. OMG – That is just totally wrong. As a teacher and an artist, I  was pretty upset that this misinformation is out there. To me it is very important to pass on our knowledge correctly to the next generation so our art form continues. China is doing enough to undermine this without anyone else’s  help.  The old saying  – If you don’t stretch your lead came, then your window will do it for you! – is so true.  Did they think all the masters are wrong? Did they think all the tools are silly? By end of day Cascade Metals had done a little more research and found they had to agree with us, and will now advise people to stretch! Hurray! What about all those they told not to????

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